About Us

Employee Retention is Customer Retention

Marque means to brand of or to create.The origins of the word are found initially in French writings. As the meaning suggests Marque HR Consultants create a goodwill brand for the organisations to retain their workforce and involve them in employee engagement activities.

Very few organizations have mastered the art of showing care for employees. Modern business relies entirely on your employees. The least you can do is to show your appreciation. We specialize in such facilitation programs which are structured around retaining the talent and initiating a mindset to take new challenges in the organization.

Marque HR Consultants facilitates workforce RETENTION through Employee Engagement programs.

We carry a frozen mindset until we stumble upon some modernization. We initiate team bonding activities which foster multitasking culture and help organisations and the HR departments to achieve their objectives. We regularly conduct outbound and in-house behavioral training programs to enhance employee adaptation to various situations.

We customize the employee engagement activities based on organizational culture and the type of workforce. Our activities help to communicate the values of your organization and provide everyone with a reliable process to follow. We want employees to confidently approach situations and resolve deadlocks without always bothering the seniors.