Employees are the real assets that give you the strategic advantage in your corporate battles. Employee Retention is equal to customer retention. Employee resignations create challenges for their replacements. Time and efforts spend in their training and on job orientation can be avoided if proactive approach towards employee engagements is initiated.

We facilitate these programs through team building sessions which are scheduled once a month.

We believe Organizational Development is an ongoing event. We conduct monthly programs to help employees interact with the teammates, work environments,changing demands and create a successful organisations.

Your customers do business with your company, but they’re actually interacting with the individuals who you employ. By the year 2020 the most sought business requirement will be employee communication skills.

Upgrading the expertise of your employees is more a mindset change and not the traditional training calendar burden. Our sessions are inclined in delivering a transformational change as compared to transactional approach followed in old fashioned programs.

For most of your customers, the face of your company isn’t theCEO, it’s the person who they do business with or the person who they go to for support with your product. Enhancing the soft skills of your employees is our endeavor.

When businesses show that they are committed to improving their communities through corporate giving programs they are more likely to fascinate and retain valuable, hardworking, and involved employees.

We initiate CSR activities that are an integral aspect of organisations.

Employees like working for a company that has a good public image and is constantly in the news for positive reasons.Happy teams equal better output.Employees who are proud of their company’s social responsibility are engaged at their jobs.

After contributing to the growth and success of different organizations in the past 20 years,I am implementing career development workshops and successfully handling challenges in the fieldof student development and career engagement.

In the corporate environment there may exists agap between the theory and practical implications. Most of the management concepts are coined by western scholars and implementing it in the Indian environment may need fine tuning.

Mr. Gaurav has a unique blend of experience in in multiple industries and has contributed in shaping the careers of several students in molding them into successful managers